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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  August 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> u.s. president barack obama has canceled plans to meet with russian president vladimir putin in moscow next month. the move comes after russia granted temporary asylum to former natnal security agency ntractor edward snowden. a white house official says obama still plans to attend
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the g-20 economic summit in petersburg. putin's foreign-policy aide said that president obama's decision to cancel the meeting is disappointing. he says it is clear that the decision is linked to the snowden dispute. he said russia's invitation for obama to visit the country was still in force. they last met in june on the sidelines of the group of eight summit in northern ireland where they disagreed on the syrian crisis. in egypt and thousands of backers of the ousted mohamed morsi are currently camping out in cairo and holding daily protests outside security buildings. a bloodshed in the country may know her son and -- may now worsen. >> rallies supporting mohamed
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morsi continued on the final night of ramadan. for the first time, balloons joined morsi's pictures and egyptian flags conveying the message they will continue during the feast that hurls the end of the holy month. >> i will stay here in the square as a sacrifice for my religion. i come here with my wife and kids to tell the world that i want my relion. morsi has become a model for this freedom. >> it is a coup chanted protesters. ameran senatorjohn mccain d lindsey graham agree. >> we expect the muslim brotherhood from refrain from violence and we urge the government and armed forces to protect the rights and freedoms
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of all egyptians and the right to protest peacefully. we urge the government and armed forces to ensure that all egyptians can purchase a paid in amending the constitution -- egyptians can participate in amending the constitution, to achieve the major benchmarks to achieve democracy, to allow credible egyptian and international groups to observe >> the two republican senators are many who are seeking to mediate here. the brotherhood has criticized those efforts. >> we think that the envoys who came to egypt and make our present within the party and alliances are discussing some points far awafrom the core the co issue is the coup. we have a coup.
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and we have separation. we have arrests. you have killings. and we have etc. the line we have the media blocked out. -- and we have the media blocked out. they would like to treat the results of the crew rather than talking about -- the results of the coup rather than talking about the coup itself. >> he says at the brotherhood is to blame what may follow. talks have reached a dead-end and citians will continue even during the islamic feast which indicates that -- and sit insi will continue even during the islamic feast. >> a last warning to supporters of mohamed morsi earpieces the government's decision to rake up
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two protest camps is final. >> we asked them once more to leave quickly and return to their homes and work without resistance. for those who do not have blood on their hands, the state promises to provide them with free transportation. the cabinet warns against the continuing dangerous escalation and assignment -- and incitement as it threatens national security. it testifies to the great effort put forward by the police during this difficult time, that the nation is passing through. god protect egypt and all egyptians. >> u.s. president barack obama says washington is providing an additional 100 and 95 million dollars -- 100 $95 million in
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humanitarian and food aid to syrian rebels. it is coinciding with the new contribution that brings humanitarian aid to over $1 billion since the crisis began in 2011. according to the u.s. state department, the aid will include food assistance come expand lifesaving medical capabilities, and provide additional hygiene kits, clothing and household supplies. the humanitarian aid follows recent approval of a usaid package of weapons aimed at reversing recent battlefield gains buy president of charlotte side. -- president bashar al-assad.
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obama was responding to new threats from al qaeda that led the u.s. to close 19 diplomatic outpost and evacuate the u.s. embassy in yemen. >> the end of the war in afghanistan does not mean the end of the war -- the end of threats to our nation. as i have said before, even as we decimated the al qaeda dealership that attacked us on 9/11, al qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threaten our homeland, still threaten our diplomatic facilities, still threaten our businesses abroad. and we had to take these threats seriously and do all we can to confront them. >> meanwhile, yemen's defense minister has said that the military will take all managers -- all measures to maintain stability in the country.
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this a man came after the yemeni authorities claimed on wednesday they have foiled plot by al qaeda to take over key cities in southern yemen and attack strategic ports and gas facilities. >> we can reassure you that the military will be acting with an iron fist and will maintain stability and security nomad or with a sacrifice. we would like to assure you that yemen is fine and those who are making threats earn their last days. our sacrifices will not go in vain. >> the four nemeses have moved
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some of their citizens -- some of the and the seas have moved some of their citizens. >> the democratic people's republic of korea and south korea have agreed to resume talks on reopening the case on industrial zone got -- the kaesong industrial zone. >> the db rk will have -- th eep dprk will resume talks. in a statement, pyongyang offered a new round of talks and said it was lifting a ban on operations at the jointly run kaesong industrial zone. it would prevent another
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suspension of operations. south korea has accepted the proposal, describing it as forward-looking. >> the south korean government views that the north is positively responding to our suggestion to hold talks in order to solve the kaesong industrial complex issue. we hope that reasonable measures come out from this dialogue to solve the issues and for developmental normalization of a kaesong industrial complex. >> the ministry added that talks remain unchanged from the past six rounds. earlier, around 500 south korean
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actor he owners protested, marched down streets and through paper airplanes, expressing their hope for normalization. >> are 123 companies facing the complex are on the verge of dying. 500 of us are here today to insist on the normalization of the kaesong industry or complex without any preconditions. >> the dprk closed the complex in may. >> five opposition parties in japan have issued a joint statement asking the countries dippy prime minister -- asking the deputy's -- asking the country's deputy prime minister to resign.
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according to the kyoto news agency come a joint statement signed by the leaders of the democratic artichoke and, the your party, the japanese communist party, japan's peoples life party and the social democratic party was expected to be submitted to pry mr. shinzo abe on wednesday. the statement argued that he had damaged the international community's trust in japan and that it would be harmful if he attended international meetings. however, the document could not be delivered to the prime minister's official residence because the officials did not have an appointment. japan's chief cabinet secretary said, since he retracted his remarks, the incident should be considered over. should so obvious as at the government will get directly involved -- shinzo abe has said
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that the government will get directly involved. >> calling it an urgent issue, shinzo abe said that containing the radioactive material requires diplomatic support. >> the stability of fukushima is also one of our tasks. notably, the and detonated order is one the japanese people have a -- out-of-the-way -- notably, the contaminated water is one the japanese people have a great responsibility in. >> he asked the economy mr. to order the tokyo electric power company to deliver a concrete action plan as soon as possible in experts say the cleanup is expected to take more than 40 years and cost 11 billion u.s. dollars.
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300 tons of contaminated water has been leaking on a daily basis. however, teco said that he cannot confirm it. the cheap -- the chief cabinet secretary said that more needed to be done to address the public's concerns. >> i'm sure teco is doing everything they can on this issue yet but from the perspective of local residents and the entire japanese nation, it is far to say that there are worries and then nothing is really promising. >> -- is really regressing. >> tepco has been widely criticized. the utility company has been severely criticized for its slow
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response to meltdowns and accused of covering up its shortcomings. >> the fierce blaze at the airport in kenya has paralyzed operations at the country's main international airport. there have been no reports of any casualties, but the cause of the fire is still not clear. carol reports. >> the fire began at 5 a.m. local time. the blaze reached -- the blaze raged for four hours before being contained i. >> we have those passengers who are still in their fights. they are awaiting those two can make flights to various destinations. arrangements are being made to make sure that they join their flights.
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>> hundreds of passengers were left stranded to avoid casualties. >> our flight was sitting there until 7:00 this morning. we were headed to cameroon, but we have no idea what will happen now. >> of course, i am on a vacation and we just have a few days. the first time you arrive, you want to be excited and your first experiences this. so it is very disappointing and we spent a lot of money. >> but by wednesday evening, the departing cargo and domestic flights would be allowed to leave the airport. and international flights were expected to resume thursday. talks we have put in place measures now so that we can accommodate the international flights after we have but everything in place. >> the fire broke out the 15th anniversary of the u.s. embassy bombings in nairobi.
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there will be among those investigating the cause of the fire. >> the team is in place and they have cordoned off the entire affected area for further investigation to establish the root cause of this problem. we continue to give the assurance that security has been heightened at the airport and various installations in the country to make sure that our country is safe. >> this is the busiest airport in east africa. its indefinite closure on not only affect kenya, but the entire region and the wider african continent. >> welcome back. you are watching cctv news. we are coming to you from beijing. the ceo upon tara says that all stocks are contaminated -- the
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ceo of phone tara -- the ceo of fonterra says that all stocks and contaminated dairy has been removed. >> another day and another apology from the chief executive of the world's biggest dairy exporter after he face-saving mission to china to explain how potentially contaminated whey protein concentrate for children's formula had entered the markets. it is not known how much of the suspect product has entered the food chain. some say as much as 10% good but fonterra had some reassurance for new zealand families who spent several days worrying whether their children were safe .
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>> everything is out of the markets. it is in warehouses and there is little or no more risk for consumers. >> the risk for phone tara -- the risk for fonterra on the global markets has also been short-lived goo. but questions are still being asked about how the whey protein had been contaminated and why it took them several months to disclose the risks. the company says it doesn't know why it happened and that will be the subject of a full investigation. both fonterra and the new zealand government are talking about the need for stricter testing regimes. >> this has been a huge wake up call. we really do have a lot riding
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on our reputation for providing high quality and safe food. >> my concern in the chinese context is that the reputation will be restored based on the actions we have taken. >> but many parents who have been forced to switch to alternative infant formula say they will never trusted the dairy giant again. >> muslims across the world are celebrating today, the mark of the end of the islamic holy month of ramadan. it expresses many of the basic values shared by the muslim community, such as empathy to the poor, charity, worship and patience. for more on this, we can go live to our reporter who is standing by at beijing's mosque where
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muslims are gathering to celebrate the holiday. good to see you there. just explain to us how the celebration is going and tell us some of the it -- some of the activities that will be held today. >> good morning. here at the mosque come of the biggest and also the oldest mosque here in beijing, you can sense the joyful atmosphere around me. after intense religious retrospective, they take this as an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the company with their friends and family and also celebrate their faith and despite the scorching heat, you can see that hundreds of thousands of people are gathering here to attend the prayer. it is a ritual ceremony that will begin at 9 a.m. and last about half an hour.
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you can see over there are less of people flocking around where they only have standing room only. but here, lots of people come here several hours early because they told me they want to have a very good place to secure they have a very good place for prayer. you can hear the voice of the islam imam. he is lecturing to the followers of islam here. he is reading the koran to these followers of islam. and it is a very good activity here and also, after the sermon, lots of the followers of islam will perform the ritual ceremony and also they will have a very good prayer asking for god's blessing and also forgiveness. >> thank you very much for that indeed. she is at the beijing new mosque
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. a lot of people there of course for the commemoration of the end of the festival today. still at home, when a deadly landslide hit dentsu province three years ago today, at least 1700 people were killed and hundreds were injured. our reporter texas to see how site drivers -- a reporter takes us to see how survivors of that landslide have survived. >> sometimes, i have flashbacks of the landslide, but it is much better now. >> gradually recovering from the pain, he was the only hope for her grandfather. the landslide killed both her parents and destroyed their home and belongings. not even a photo was left. she says the last three years have made her a stronger person. >> the most important thing that happened was that i became more
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understanding of others. >> but on this memorial day, at her parents grave, the memories from three years ago are bittersweet. three years on, a much stronger person, she is resolved to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a teacher. >> i think she is emerging of the shadow of her parents debts. she is more independent and a good student in school. >> there are many riches to be found here. however 20,000 residents affected by disaster have already moved to new apartments. all of which have been built to withstand up to 8.0 magnitude earthquake. the new apartments and the new town have helped to build a new life for this family and many others who lost their loved ones.
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but it is the strength of these person that allows them the hope to see the and through to a brighter future. >> the heat wave continues in east asia with dependent south korea all suffering extreme conditions. japan's meteorological agency said that many cities have seen temperatures of over 35 degrees celsius, including tokyo. the heat in the central japanese city of yamanashi reached 39 point two degrees, breaking the record set in 1876. about 22,000 people were sent to hospital for sunstroke in july. 24% more than in the previous year. authorities say the hot weather will last for at least one more week. meanwhile, south korea has also began to see temperatures climb after 50 days of plum rain. the average temperatures
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nationwide hit 33 degrees with highs expected to exceed 35 degrees. heat stroke has so far killed two people and sent more than 400 to hospital. the parties are warning the public to take her cautions and drink plenty of fluids, especially children and senior citizens. as you are well aware, if you have been watching our network, it is very hot here in china, too. we have had heat wave conditions which has abated slightly in the capital beijing today. we will be back at the top of the next hour. thank you for your company.
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>> a comeback. -- welcome back. cuba is not to have one of the most efficient and free healthcare systems in the world. people from across europe, canada and the americas visit the caribbean country as health tourists. in fact, until his death, former venezuelan president hugo chavez traveled to cuba for multiple cancer treatments and surgeries. for many years now, its healthcare system has included a strong element of traditional chinese medicine. but as our senior latin america correspondent in havana reports, this time-honored custom mode which is now standard actors in the country, was at the
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beginning a necessary alternative. >> 76-year-old orlando damaged his knees after a fall at home. his treatment consists of acupuncture along with another form of traditional chinese medicine. heat is applied to the acupuncture needles to help stimulate the blood flow to >> it's good, he told me. my condition has improved a lot. orlando is receiving his treatment at the main provincial hospital in matan says. -- in matanzans. it is especially popular for the treatment of physical injuries and pain. here the turned to traditional chinese medicine out of necessity during economic crisis following the collapse of the soviet union. but now, it is an integral part
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of the island's health service. dr. vivian sanchez's head of the traditional medicine department in matanzas. >> [speaking spanish] >> starting in the 1990s, a number of chinese and korean teachers came to cuba. more recently, with few cubans, including dr. sanchez, were sent to china to study for a year. so what do other doctors and hospital think of what her department is doing? >> [] speaking spanish -- [speaking spanish]
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>> i am here because i have two hernias in my lower back and a -- and they cause me a letter sayin pain. >> she came here from crn on to study medicine and is now a trainee radiologist. dr. altenburg is being treated with shiatsu, a japanese healing art using pressure points and stretches. >> at first, i didn't believe much in it. as a doctor, as a medical student during the now i am -- medical student. now i convinced it is an
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essential therapy and i think a lot of countries need to look into this. for real. you use less tablets. i think that alternative medicine is also cheaper and it helped me. look here and i can stand. >> in the nearby rehabilitation center, they are trained in chinese as well as traditional western medicine. here, dr. mercedes is using a tech make use -- a technique known as cupping. what are you treating this patient for? lower back pain. how does it work? >> [speaking spanish] >> traditional medicine is now part of the curriculum in all of
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the islands medical schools. in many countries, anyone with the proper training in alternative disciplines, such as acupuncture or shiatsu, can treat members of the public. but according to dr. johann perdomo, in cuba, you must first become qualified in mainstream western medicine. dr. perdomo also spent a year in china's eddying traditional medicine. -- in china studying traditional medicine. >> you can combine western medicine and traditional medicine. with this combination come if you integrate it, you can get the best results because both medicines have good things to show. >> some critics say that you turn traditional chinese medicine for cost reasons. it is much cheaper than western medicine. >> we don't think too much about
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that. we know it's cheaper than western medicine and people realize the potential of traditional chinese medicine. i think that is why people, they don't think about science and they think about their pain and about their illness and they come. they get results. so the come back again. and that is why it is so popular now. >> cuba also produces traditional herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies can some of it is based on chinese formulas. but the country has a long history of its own when it comes to using local plants for medicinal purposes. it is a tradition that can be traced back to the african slaves. this batch is an oregano syrup taken for cough and sierra. preventative medicine is another key aspect of the cuban health system.
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the mainstream western producer drugs and the such as vaccinations against polio and other preventable diseases. for the elderly, when cuban doctors prescribe exercise, especially tai chi. >> we like to promote this practice of tai chi in our population because, you know, elder people get a lot of benefits from practicing it. doctors now recommend this practice like a way to preserve health, not only to treat sick people, but to preserve health. >> with no drugs and little specialist equipment or wired, traditional chinese medicine is generally more cost efficient than its mainstream western
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counterpart. but the cubans insisted that its use has become so widespread in recent years, not because it's cheap, but because they believe it works. >> are thanks to michael voss for that report gave that brings us to the conclusion of our broadcast this week gave you can find us on the web and you can also find us on facebook. please join us again next week for another edition of america's now good see you then -- america's now. see you then.
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